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Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Thoughts on IPL5

Hello guys this is my thoughts on the upcoming IPL5 LoL tourney.

Lets start with Group A.

Team Dynamic - One of the youngest pro teams of NA. 1st LAN event with their new roster since the released Zig and ParadoXical and taken on TakashiX (former mid laner of 4Not) and DontMashMe (former AD carry of TSM.EVO). This event will give them experience playing against the top teams in the world.

Fnatic.RaidCall - With their recent win against in Dreamhack a lot of fans are expecting them to perform well and see them as top European teams along side,SK and M5.

Team World Elite - After their loss against in Season 2 World championships they are hungry to prove themselves and show the world their Elite skills.

Azubu Blaze - After not qualifying in Season 2 World championships and recent roster change ( new top laner Flame) I'm sure they are excited to compete against top notch NA,EU and Asian teams.

Now lets go with Group B.

Team Fear - Up and coming NA team, they wanna prove that they can compete against the world's best team and keep up with them. One of their biggest LAN event as a team, I wanna see how their aggressive playstyle will pan out against non NA teams.

CLG Prime - After disappointing result in Season 2 championships they acquire Locodoco and move HotshotGG to top lane again and Chauster as jungler. They are looking good atm winning online matches and place 4th in MLG Dallas. I wanna see more unconventional strategies with a pinch of kimchi (locodoco ad Dlift blitz) hehe.

CLG EU - Placing 2nd place in Dreamhack winter they are motivated to perform better and compete against the world's best once again. Fan favorite, not sure if they practiced new comps after dreamhack or season 2 or even got enough practice time with their busy schedule.

IceLanD - One of Asia's up and rising team they completely wiped their qualifiers not losing a single game. Their 1st LAN event outside of HK i'm sure they are excited and exploring Vegas before and after IPL5 hehe. Don't have much info of the team :(

Off with Group C.

TSM - recently They are under-performing,having some issue and etc. Never count a top rated team out in any LAN event i'm pretty sure they have worked out their issues and got some practice time with their TSM invitational tourney. Hope they can perform well against Asian teams.

Meat Playground - Underdog of all of the NA teams, not much info, consist of some pro players from different teams (Pobelter,Lemongod,xHazzard). This event will give them much experience and get their playstyle and chemistry going.

Singapore Sentinels - The likable Asian team, one of the well known SEA team. They like to do unconventional comps. They really enjoy playing the game and their country,family and friends are supporting them to showcase their skills to the world.

Curse EU. - Won Tales of the Lane Tourney, recently issues emerge like all party no practice, disappointing performance at Dreamhack winter. using Patoy as sub. I think its their 1st time competing against different regions(Asia,NA and EU) tourney.

The end is near Group D.

Moscow 5 - Was considered the best team in the world but after placing 3rd/4th in Season 2 Championships people realized that they are beatable. After their loss in Tales of the Lane they know they need to do better and they went to do a bootcamp in china and scrim/compete against chinese teams. Want to be the world's best team again. want to prove themselves against Asian teams(TPA and Azubu blaze).

Taipei Assassins - Winning Season 2 Championships really showed the world their top notch skills. A lot of pressure on their shoulders to perform like they did in Season 2 Finals. Not sure if they prepared like Season 2 Championships. Will they show another side of their game?

Curse NA - Considered as retired CLG prime stars, after acquiring Voyboy they want to show that they are a top team not just solo queue stars. Also got a new support (Rhux).

Team Blackbean - Up and coming SEA team, has a female player playing support (only female player in IPL 5). Their 1st time playing against non Asian teams. underdog of the tourney along side with IceLanD.

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